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Among its guiding principles, Maihar Cement has adopted Total Quality Management (TQM) concept as a core policy  to bring about cultural changes in the Organisation.   Maihar Cement is committed to produce consistently high quality clinker and cement in conformity with relevant  National  / International specifications by strictly adhering to the Quality Management System (IS / ISO 9001 : 2000) with continual improvement in its effectiveness with a view to provide customer delight.

With the onset of globalisation and liberalisation of Indian economy, "Quality has become a buzzword in cement industry.  Utmost emphasis is placed at Maihar Cement on maintaining strict Quality Control at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure timely delivery of the best quality cement to the customer all the time. For effective implementation of the quality policy, State of the Art equipment procured from world renowned machinery manufacturers viz., FLS, KHD, Shenck, Siemens and  ABB have been installed.

Quality Control department is well equipped with ultra modern test facilities eg. X-ray Analyser, Cross Belt Analyser, Optical Microscope etc., for optimisation of quality of raw materials, clinker and cement.
Cross Belt Analyser
X-Ray Analyser
R & D Center  at the plant equipped with sophisticated research and testing facilities is  managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals.  It has contributed to conservation of Electrical and Thermal Energy, improvement in product quality and cost. 
Other Sophistications of the Laboratory

   Humidity Chamber

   Auto Clave Machine

   Water Bath Machine

   Compressive Strength Testing Machine

Testing at Lab
Quality Management System
Quality Policy

  Maihar Cement is committed to:

  • Produce consistently high quality clinker & cement, conforming to National specification.
  • Supply cement and clinker at most economical price.
  • Continually improve the Quality, Productivity and Customer Satisfaction.

  This shall be achieved by:

  • Implementation of IS/ISO:9001-2000 in the company.
  • Setting & reviewing objectives at various functions and levels in the company.
  • Training and developing a team of dedicated work force.

IS/ISO 9001: 2000

It was in the fitness of things that Maihar Cement with its strong emphasis on Quality Assurance has been awarded IS / ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification in 2002.
Quality Circle

Maihar Cement has been a pioneer in the field of Quality Circles (QC).  Q.C. activities commenced when the concept was relatively new to Indian Industry.  Since then it has taken firm roots in the organisation and has encouraged workers and supervisors to become masters in their respective fields. The involvement of workers in Q.C. activities has grown by leaps and bounds.  They have not only identified a number of problems in the respective work - area but  have also endeavored to find solutions to them by using Q.C. tools and techniques.

Total number of Quality Circle formed in the plant is 136 and total participation of employees since inception is 560

The benefits  which have accrued to the Company are summarised hereunder:
  • Improvement in quality and productivity
  • Reduction in specific fuel and power consumption
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Production loss recovery
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduction in machinery breakdowns
  • Development of team work amongst employees
  • Safety of man and machinery
  • Improvement in problem solving capability of employees

Q.C. members have presented  their case studies at various Regional and National Q.C. conventions and have brought laurels to the Company by bagging a number of prestigious Awards at these conventions.

Testing at Lab