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Maihar Cement is pioneer in producing Blended Cement i.e. Portland Pozzolana Cement .  The motivation for the production of blended cement has been primarily with the aim of preserving limestone reserves and environment.


  • Low Heat of hydration resulting in resistance to cracking.
  • Resistance to corrosive water and chemical attacks and thereby longer life to steel/iron structure underneath.
  • High degree of impermeability and workability for the concrete mix.
  • Higher ultimate strength at longer duration
  • Higher degree of fineness, resulting in -
       - Complete chemical reaction
       - Easy workability
       - Increased plasticity
  • Reduced Alkali aggregate reaction  as also free lime expansion and thereby resistance to cracking.
  • Lower drying shrinkage and low leaching value.
PPC can be used for any type of construction which earlier had been the forte of OPC.  However due to it's special attributes, it's use is rather imperative for the following construction works.


  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Mass Concreting Works
  • Marine Structures
  • Masonry Mortars and Plastering
  • Under aggressive Conditions